Valve stem Packings

All purpose, self forming PTFE Valve Stem Packing

• A non-staining and non-contaminating packing for use in Valve Stems
• A low friction packing having high degree of pliability enabling it to conform to valve stuffing box   flaws and irregularities
• Excellent chemical resistance, even against strong acids and caustics
• Easy to install, requiring minimum inventory
• Available in the following sizes,
Custom sizes on request:

2.5 mm diameter × 15 meter long
4.0 mm diameter × 7.5 meter long
7 mm (W) × 2.5 mm (Thick) × 15 meter (L)
5.5 mm diameter × 4.5 meter long
7.0 mm diameter × 2.8 meter long

Service Media & Conditions:
Compatible in strong acid and strong alkali media. Affected only by elemental fluorine and molten alkali metals
Temperature: -232°C to 315°C
Pressure: Full vacuum to 3000 PSI
pH: 0 to 14